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"It was such an incredible experience!!  You all were so amazing, and the execution of everything was perfect!  Flowers, decoration, food, lights, music... The flow of everything was flawless!"
"Thank you again so much for the energy and the hard work that you all put into making our wedding perfect."  -American Bride after May 2014 wedding in Cancun.

Written Agreement of Delivered Services

… In perfect, understandable English, so there are no doubts about our deliverable services.

Better, Faster Technology for Your Wedding Planning

ResortBands Weddings uses technology better and faster than other local companies, to help you see the best locations for weddings and what entertainment is available in Cancun for your guests.  We don't just send you photos and videos; in addition, we overlay graphic examples of exactly what your wedding ceremony or reception will look like, and we can stream high quality video of the entire wedding day's happenings, to anywhere in the world there is an internet connection!  And we give you a U.S. phone number that automatically forwards to Cancun, to call us anytime, so you don't need to call a number out of the country.

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Better Coordination & Management of Suppliers

Our local network of suppliers spans 10 years in Cancun, so you won’t have to depend only on a resort’s inexperienced wedding coordinator when it comes time to choose a Clergy person, judge, caterers, photographers, videographers, musicians and professionals that put all the pieces of your wedding together. Some weeks we hire fifty professionals to entertain and take care of wedding couple’s needs.

“You did a lot of work helping us plan for our wedding reception and we are so excited to be working with you!” – Newlyweds June 2016.

“You were meticulous in the planning of our reception and knowing you operated in Cancun made our wedding arrangements easy.”Newlywed couple three days after their wedding.

Contact: Tom@ResortBands.com   Tel. in Miami automatically forwards to Cancun: 786-866-6178  www.ResortBands.com