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About Us:

We give hotel and resort owners help in reaching destination and accommodations buyers.  We give you our tools that will increase your occupancy rates by using the Internet.  According to a major investment firm research document, a significant advantage of the Internet is that it allows customers to purchase travel services immediately upon completion of their research.  So, your name, content and layout of your web site should be maximized to help that traveler choose your Caribbean hotel, resort, house or cottage. 


Internet Tools That Increase Occupancy Rates
· Voice Over Internet Service
· Air-Inclusive Booking Engine
· Outsourced Reservations Call Center
· Push-To-Talk Call Connect System
· Push-To-Talk Business Cards
· Digital Brochures with Global Distribution
Marketing Services
· Intuitive Caribbean Domain Names
· Destination Management Company - Cancun
· Domain Name Rental
· Travel Public Relations Services
· Guest Satisfaction Surveys
· Hotel & Resort Trade Show Representation
Web Site Services
· Internet Portal Service
· Web Site Design
· Web Site Hosting
· Web Site Statistical Data Reporting
· Multi-Language Web Sites
· Total Outsourced Web Services
· ResortDancers.com, ResortBands.com, CirqueOnStage.com

· Eco Tours
Computer Technology Services
. Live Event Video Streaming Broadcast
. Cellular Telephone Amplification Service
· Local Area Networks & Internet Connection
· Computer Security Services
· Internet Consulting

Wedding Services
. Resort Location and Site Inspection

. Cancun Wedding Planning Management
· Wedding Church and Civil Ceremony Location Assistance
· Reception Planning and Entertainment

Voice Over Internet Service

CaribbeanHotel.com gives you unlimited phone calls for all resorts & hotels outside the U.S with new Voice Over Internet service for $35.00 per month.  Use your regular phone and your broadband (not dial-up) Internet connection to call anytime, for as long as you want, to anywhere in the United States & Canada.

Your Web Name Should Be Remembered

Most travelers abandon their web search for accommodations because they don’t have an easy to remember web address.  Repeat vacationers will go back to a travel web site because they remember the name that describes exactly what they want to buy.  Like Cars.com or CaribbeanHotel.com.  Travelers also quit their accommodations search because of information that is difficult to see, or because a reservations agent is not quickly available.

Instant Phone Connection Means More Reservations

A “talk live now” button strategically placed on your site, will help you capture vacationers who are hesitant to commit to an on-line reservation due to questions, security concerns or because they need a little personal attention. Here’s how it works.   A web browser clicks on the "talk live now" button, enters his or her phone number and submits a call request.  Telephone switching equipment calls your hotel, secures a representative on the line, "whispers" that they are receiving an on-line call request and simultaneously connects to the web browser.   Similarly, the same switching equipment secures the web browser on the line and, upon a successful connection, immediately connects the two parties.

A Link to Your Property, From CaribbeanHotel.com will Enable More Vacationers to See Your Web Site.

 CaribbeanHotel.com will provide a link (executable with one mouse click) on a page in our web site that is under a tab marked “Hotels & Resorts” or “Houses & Villas”.  Sponsoring properties will be categorized by island name in alphabetical order.  The fee for this link is US$250 for three years service.  Fees are due upon implementation of your properties link.

 63 countries view our web site, including the U.S., Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, Chili, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, U.K., Uruguay, Venezuela & Yugoslavia.

Distribution of news releases to 3,000 up to 10,000 travel media by e-mail or mail including:
  • Travel editors at daily newspapers in the US
  • Travel magazines and their editors, columnists, writers
  • Travel shows, TV producers, networks
  • Travel writers and columnists
  • Syndicated media and wires
  • Tourism industry pubs
  • Online travel media and columnists
  • Hispanic media in the US
  • Mexico and Latin American media
  • Canadian travel and tourism media   
Your Board of Tourism Can Help You Increase Occupancy

Many vacationers search for accommodations after they’ve decided which island to visit.  They will intuitively go to that island’s Board of Tourism site.  Be sure your hotel is associated with that site.

Your Web Site Will Always be Available and Secure

Reliability and security of your web site is paramount.  If your site goes down during peak reservations months you could loose reservations to a nearby resort.  The United States, and particularly California, lead the world in safe, reliable data centers that are located near the highest speed Internet connections.  Your web site will always be available and will be intrusion proof.

Computer Security will Prevent Your Reservations Systems From Going Out of Business, Just When You Need the Business!

Don’t let a computer virus, or hacker attack ruin your month.  CaribbeanHotel.com will configure your computers, which you depend on for reservations, email and the Internet, so that 99.9% of all malicious virus and hacks are eliminated, before they reach your valuable data or bring your computer performance to a halt.  CaribbeanHotel.com uses state of the art software or hardware to protect your systems and helps you keep virus protection up to date.

A Web Site Tracker Will Tell You What Countries New Visitors Are Coming From, so You Can Focus Your Advertising On Those Countries.

CaribbeanHotel.com will implement a tracking you can use to tell what countries tourists are in when they are looking at your web site.  You will see the language the prospective tourist is using as they visit your web site.  You will be able to tell what link the traveler used to find your web site and you will know if your island’s Board of Tourism web site is benefiting your resort or hotel.  Also you will see what pages they are looking at the most, and you can customize your marketing and advertising to the geographic area where the most accommodation buyers, who are interested in your property, are located.

A Guest Satisfaction Survey Will Help You Know What Tourists Like and How You Can Improve Their “Travel Experience”.

CaribbeanHotel.com will design a survey form that meets your unique needs.  Topics of information include feedback on your reservations process, food, entertainment, amenities, bar service, excursions and more.  We will send it to each guest, collect the response data, then present it to you on a monthly or quarterly schedule, in an easy to read report that includes graphs, charts and text, so you get a complete picture of what travelers expect the next time they stay at your property.