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How does it work?

Our real-time system is seamlessly connected to your website and an “Air/Packages” button is installed on your site linking to our system.  The look, feel and color scheme of our pages match the rest of your site.


- Outsourced web site reservations & fulfillment
- International bulk airfares
- Call center sales and support
- Multi-lingual agents
- Capture of travelers email addresses
- Quick searches from 100’s of airports
- Airport transfers selection for travelers
- Travel vouchers sent to traveler with your logo on them
- Provided toll-free number is answered with your hotel name
- Package rates and specials listed
- Fees include credit card and travel agent payments
- Reports & daily summary provided to hotelier


- Increases reservations by taking burden of airfare search from travelers
- Reduced air costs means guests have more for accommodations
- Relieves you of the burden of taking reservations & providing travel vouchers
- Expands your geographical reach into more countries
- Gives you marketing power for return business
- Travelers convenience is increased by more airport choices
- Takes burden off hotelier for ground transportation
- Saves you the expense of confirming travel
- Saves you time by letting us accommodate travelers changes
- Add, change or delete promotions, specials, excursions anytime
- Saves hotelier time and cost of commission management
- See our system increase your sales daily

What does it cost?

- No upfront costs to you
- No minimum booking commitment
- 20% of net rate
- 10 comp nights per year for FAM’s (rooms will not be resold)


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