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Voice Over Internet Telephone Service
CaribbeanHotel.com gives you unlimited phone calls for all resorts & hotels outside the U.S with new Voice Over Internet service for $35.00 per month.  Use your regular phone and your broadband (not dial-up) Internet connection to call anytime, for as long as you want, to anywhere in the United States & Canada.
Resort & hotel sales & marketing departments can call clients, meeting & group prospects, travel agents & guests to confirm reservations and sell room inventory anytime for only US$35.00 per month.  Unlimited calls to countries in Western Europe can be called for $25.00 per month more.
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Case Study


An 80 room 5-star resort near Cancun was spending US$ 2,500 per month with Telmex, Mexico’s telephone monopoly. Their sales departments for spa services, member services, reception, guest services, General Manager & guests in their internet café where all calling out of country.


CaribbeanHotel.com installed 9 Internet phones at a cost savings of 81% per month or about $24,000 per year.  AND they will make more money by charging guests to use their new Internet phones instead of paying the phone company their monopolized rates.


Don’t you have a lot to save by switching to Internet telephones?
Benefits Features & Costs
Significantly reduce your long distance phone bills Unlimited calls to U.S. & Canada for $35.00 a month
Get more group travel business by contacting buyers by phone Ability to call anyone, anytime, anywhere for one price
Get more Western Europe reservations Unlimited calls to Europe for US$25.00 a month
You will get more reservations with a local U.S. phone number Choose any U.S. area code in the U.S.
Tourists call more often using a toll-free phone number Toll-free phone numbers are available too

Here’s how it works.  Use your already installed high-speed DSL and a regular telephone with our worldwide name brand telephone adapter.  VoiceLine is a phone service that is an alternative to your traditional phone company. It allows you to use a telephone and broadband Internet connection anywhere in the world to make and receive calls. Since calls route through the Internet, the costs are less and the rates are lower.


CaribbeanHotel.com Voice Over Internet service is backed by a world leader in delivering voice services over data networks, since 1996.  Self-installation is easy or our Internet Connection Network Engineers will come to your offices to complete the installation for you.