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Outsourced Reservations Call Center:
Reduce your phone costs and eliminate line-busy lost reservations
Increase your geographical reach with more languages
Eliminate telephone abandons and lost reservations
Agents sell your property like they were working there
Hoteliers know your guest’s names, phone numbers & dates of travel

How it works:

Resort and hotel owners tell us these important details about your properties:

  • - Complete list of amenities and what the cost includes
    - Locations of stores, excursions, beaches, entertainment, points of interest and restaurants
    - Hours you want agents to take reservations and provide tourist information
    - Room configurations and all-season rates
    - Languages you want our agents to speak
     -Ground transportation and airport information
     -Preferred air carrier to your destination
     -Your phone, fax, email & web contact information
     -All current and upcoming specials and promotions
     -Provide high quality digital photos to provide to vacationers

How do you know we are doing a good job?

  • Call our 800 numbers and test us frequently!
    We provide you with web access, so you can see incoming calls from your computer

How much does it cost?

  • You pay us by the phone call.
    Bi-lingual English and 1 other language = U.S. $1 per call
    Multi-lingual English and 2 other languages = $2 per call
    Multi-lingual English and 3 other languages = $3 per call
    Payments are due the first of each month

As your outsourced reservation center agent we promise you these:

- A memorable 800 number you can use in all your marketing information
- No referral to any other destination except your own properties
- Courteous, multi-lingual agents whose first language is the official language of your country
- Agents will answer the phone by the third ring
- Callers will never get a busy phone signal
- Agents will know every important detail about your destination and will enthuse the vacationer with   information
- Agents will help bundle air travel using our sophisticated booking engine
- Receive daily reports showing phone numbers, city, country and traveler contact & reservation information
- Agents will correctly take reservation & payment information
- Immediate email notification of reservation to guest and to your property

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