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Hacienda Sisal Tour

This all-day eco tour begins at your resort or hotel in Merida, Cancun, or Playa del Carmen where we will pick you up and transport you in the comfort and safety of our Chevy Suburban with English speaking American guides.


You will be taken back in time to the mid 1700’s to 1900’s where you will see the enormous sisal haciendas of the Yucatan in Mexico and meet the descendants of the families who worked and lived there. 

To guide us through these historical colonial mansions we will hire the Mexican’s, whose parents and grand parents and great-grand parents worked in the fields, ranches and houses of the original Spanish owners. 


They will tell us about the cultivating, growing, harvesting, transporting, shredding and shipping process of the henequen plants that are the fibers from where the sisal rope is made.  We will translate for you their descriptions of the social, economical and political importance of the historical events and political actions of a time when the haciendas of the Yucatan where the center of civilization in eastern Mexico.


The day will include a stop for lunch in a restored sisal hacienda, where your taste for authentic Mexican and Mayan fusion cuisine will be satisfied.  There will be plenty of time to study the many buildings of classic Spanish architecture and opportunities for photo’s, souvenirs and relaxation while you enjoy the quiet pleasures of the Mexican countryside and tropical forest.
Who should go?You should be physically fit and able to endure a hot climate. 
What should you bring?Camera, bottled water, comfortable & supportive walking shoes & hat, Mexican pesos for lunch
When will we depart and return?From Cancun: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.From Playa del Carmen: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
What is the cost?US$ 300.00 per person, minimum of 3 guests
How do I make reservations?From the U.S. or Canada call: 1-786-866-6178    Email:

Tropical Caribbean Eco Tour

Experience the entire tropical Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula in one exotic day!  Depart early in the morning from your hotel in Cancun or Playa del Carmen and travel comfortably in our Suburban, in groups from two to six persons.  First, you will witness the bountiful beauty of the Mexican Riviera with brief stops to Playa del Carmen’s famous Fifth Avenue, where shops are filled with hand crafted goods from the Mexican people.


From there you will experience the bohemian lifestyle of the American and European youths living in the historic Mayan town of Tulum.  Stop again to browse the craft shops or taste fresh orange juice and fruits grown in the region’s organic orchards.  Moving south on a high speed road, you will see ancient evidence of the Mayan Indians heritage and culture, as we approach the bustling Mayan city of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, the last ancient stronghold, in the Mayan Indians fierce wars against Spanish conquest.

Drink cold, fresh coconut water from the shell, or taste the sweet pulp of tropical fruit in roadside shops along the way.  Take photos of original Mayan dwellings and see these indigenous people living off the land the way they did since before the time of Christ.  Pushing on through the Sian Kaan biosphere, an internationally protected nature reserve, you will see ancient Mayan ruins along the road, juxtaposed with everyday life of Mayan families.

Continuing along high speed roads we will travel through the vast mangrove wetlands, towards the Caribbean Sea, where you will begin to see tropical birds from the 34 categories found in the region.  Stopping at the edge of the turquoise colored Caribbean Sea, we will hike through dense tropical forest and witness seven species of palm trees and myriad jungle growth and beauty, until you feel the cool ocean breeze on your face and hear the calming sound of the sea. Collect seashells or relax in our hammocks under coconut trees hanging over the edge of the soft, cool white sand beach. 

Maybe we’ll see a mantled howler monkey, or cute, furry Kinkajou or lion monkey too.  We’ll have lunch in the regions bustling cruise ship dock and see the goliath cruise ships and shop in the village shops for Mexican clothes, gifts and crafts.
Heading south again, we will soon arrive at nature’s jewel of southern Yucatan - Lake Bacalar – the lake of seven shades of blue.  You’ll marvel as you take photos and begin to count the colors of the water.  We’ll hire Mexican guides to take us on a pontoon boat ride and relax on the water, or feel free and swim in the lake’s pristine, fresh water.  On the edge of the lake we’ll tour San Felipe Fort, built in 1733 to protect the Spanish from pirate attacks!  Then we’ll see the largest tree in the Yucatan and finally the pristine Cenote Azul, the biggest, crystal clear, fresh water cavern of water, in the state.

We’ll begin the return trip to your hotel, with your memory filled with beauty, your lungs fresh with country air and your camera loaded with photos of nature’s exotic beauty.  Lastly, we stop at an authentic Mexican restaurant to savor the delicate seasonings used in local fish, meats and vegetables.  Of course, now is the time for frozen Margaritas, local beers and Caribbean drinks.
You’ll arrive at your hotel tired and happy and maybe you’ll oversleep the next day.  But after all, you are on vacation.

Important information:
Who should go?
  You should be in good health and be able to hike through irregular terrain.
What should you wear?
  Wear sturdy shoes and long pants.  Thin cotton shirts are best.  Wear your bathing suit under your clothes, as they will dry quickly in the warm sun of Mexico.
What should you bring?
  Sunscreen, some bottled water, camera and Mexican money for food. 
Who are our guides?
 English speaking American guides.
What is the cost?
  $300 USD per person, minimum of 3 guests.
How should you book a trip?
  Contact us by email or phone as soon as you can.  Tell us what week you will be on vacation and what days of the week you are available.

Cancun, Mexico


Call from the U.S.: 1-786-866-6178


 Tropical Caribbean Eco Tour