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What you get when you become a Campus Rep:
- Commission for every student you refer who travels with GradBeach
- Marketing package with travel videos, photos and nightclub information
- Company business cards

E-Mail address
Your college or university
City where your campus is located
How long have you attended this college or university?
What other colleges or universities have you attended?
Do your friends call you by a nickname? What is it?
Do you belong to a sorority or fraternity?
What social groups are you active in?
What sports have you played?
Have you ever vacationed in Cancun? Y/N - When?
What resort did you stay in?
Where else have you vacationed in the past 4 years?
What jobs have you worked in the past 4 years?
Why do you want to be a Campus Rep?
Your application will be reviewed and a phone interview will be scheduled within one week.