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Complete Reception Production
28 Bands & 150 Musicians
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Outsourced Reservations Call Center
Air-Inclusive Booking Engine
Voice Over Internet Phone Service
Click-To-Talk Call Connect System
Resort & Excursions Video Production
Digital Brochures with Global Distribution
Cellular Telephone Amplification Service
Live Event Streaming Video Broadcast
Computer Security Services
LAN's & Wireless Hot Spots

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The Caribbean Hotel
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Internet Portal Service

Resort & Hotel Public Relations Services
Trade Show Representation
Resort Entertainment
Outsourced Reservations Call Center

Reduce your phone costs and eliminate line-busy lost reservations
Increase your geographical reach with more languages
Eliminate telephone abandons and lost reservations
Agents sell your property like they were working there
Know your guest’s names, phone numbers & dates of travel

A memorable 800 number to use in all your marketing
Multi-lingual agents with 1st language the official language of your country
Agents answer the phone by the third ring
Agents have scripts and are trained about your destination
Receive daily reports of reservation details

Air-Inclusive Booking Engine
Increases reservations by taking burden of airfare search from vacationers
Reduced air costs means guests have more for accommodations
Relieves the hotel of taking reservations & providing travel vouchers
Expands your geographical reach into more countries
Takes burden off hotelier for ground transportation

Outsourced web site reservations & fulfillment
International bulk airfares
Call center sales & support
Multi-lingual agents – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
Airport transfers selection for travelers

Voice Over Internet Phone Service

Significantly reduce you long distance phone bills

Get more group travel business by contacting buyers by phone

Get more Western Europe reservations

Get more reservations with a local U.S. phone number

Get more reservations by using a toll-free number

Unlimited calls to U.S. & Canada for US$29.99 a month

Ability to call anyone, anytime, anywhere for one price

Unlimited calls to Europe for US$19.99 a month

Choose any U.S. area code

Toll-free phone numbers are available too


Push-To-Talk Call Connect System

Know where all your Internet reservations are coming from

Get more reservations from everywhere in the world

Tourists will make a reservation at your property more often

Increase your group & incentive business

Maximize the ROI of your web site investment

Reports include guest country, language & phone number

Phone connection to resort doesn’t require dialing number

Service gets the tourist off the Internet & on the phone – fast!

Push-To-Talk Email Business Cards are embedded in an email

35% fewer tourists abandon your web site with Push-To-Talk










  Intuitive Domain Names


An easy to remember web site name means repeat vacationers

Lower your marketing costs by renting a domain name

Lower your marketing costs by advertising only the domain name

Continue to use your properties trademark name

Rending a domain name lets you “try before you buy”

Our names say exactly what the vacationer wants to buy

One-year name rental is only US$333

Tourists remember names like CaribbeanHotel.com

Automatic rollover from new name to your own web site

Buy the domain name if it increases revenue for you


Digital Brochures with Global Distribution

Tourists will book a vacation at your resort if they can see it better

High quality photos & web site presentation will increase revenue

Lower marketing costs with digital brochures

Reach 1,000s of travel agents, tour operators & group buyers

Save marketing costs & reduce brochure printing costs

Gorgeous 3-D virtual reality photographs in 360-degree rotation

We have over 30 years experience in travel marketing film

Basic Digital Brochure service starts at only US$2,495

Our global distribution lets travel pros see your amenities

Tourists & T.A.’s can download your brochure from the web site


Computer Security Services

Eliminate malicious viruses, Trojan hacker attacks & intrusions

Eliminate computer down time from viruses

Protect all your computers in the resort and reservations center

You will never need another security solution again

Save time not dealing with pop-up advertisements

Software & hardware solution fits on your desktop

Software recurrently checks for viruses

Hardware solution stops intrusions at Internet gateway

Perpetual protection with automatic subscription renewal

Ad blocking & elimination is included


LAN's & Internet Connection

Reduce costs of operating all hotel computers

Higher speed Internet allows you to reduce your phone bills

Local area networks help you control computer viruses

Reduce computer security costs

Save time by speeding up your computers

Connect multiple systems with less hardware

Voice Over Internet phones works with high-speed Internet

Send confidential information within the hotel

We will consolidate your security protection with a LAN

We install high-speed wireless or fiber optic networks




The Caribbean Hotel


Email: Tom@CaribbeanHotel.com  


Tel. from US: 011-52-998-107-1934

Fax: 011-52-998-848-0474

Internet Portal Service

You will get more tourists to your web site

You will get tourists from more countries

You will get new vacationers from different countries than before

Reduce your marketing costs by linking to CaribbeanHotel.com

You will get tourists with bigger vacation budgets to your resort

1,500 tourists per day visit CaribbeanHotel.com

Tourists in 38 countries visit CaribbeanHotel.com

12 different languages visit CaribbeanHotel.com

Spend only US$333 per year for link to CaribbeanHotel.com

Higher income travelers use Internet travel sites more


Resort & Hotel Public Relations Service

Improve your resort’s image with professional press releases

Increase your reservations from the U.S. & Canada

Save money by not marketing to the wrong type of vacationer

Focus on the travel market that likes your resort or hotel

More media “buzz” means more reservations

U.S. news style writing & investigative journalism approach

Email, letter, phone marketing to 3,000-10,000 media companies

Current list of influential media & travel publications

Select list of honeymooners, luxury travelers, eco travelers, etc.

We broadcast to TV, travel publications, Internet & wire services


Trade Show Representation

Reduce your cost of marketing your destination to tourists

Stay and manage your property instead of traveling to a show

Receive daily reports from the shows about attendees

Reach tourists in countries where you don’t speak the language

You will know everyone who asked about your property

We provide all trade show equipment for one price per day

Our travel professionals will represent your property for you

We give you daily reports by phone, Email or fax

English, French, German, Italian and Spanish speaking pros

Get a detailed final report with names, email, & phone numbers


Eliminate many costs of sourcing entertainment

Upgrade your resort’s entertainment

Add more variety to your weekly entertainment shows

Reduce your cost of resort Entertainment

Add more variety to your yearly entertainment venues

Travel arrangements, music, costumes, staging are pre-planned

5-star professional shows

Our acts can perform 7 unique shows every week

Music, costumes, props included so you don’t have to buy them

More than 20 shows offer 50 different weeks of entertainment


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